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FFL Transfers

As a licensed FFL Dealer, MD HQL Training is glad to provide both incoming and outgoing FFL transfer services for our customers. We will also facilitate the transfer of unregulated firearms between private individuals (private party transfers). To ensure your transfer goes as smoothly and painless as possible, we ask that you please take a few minutes to review our transfer policies, procedures and fees below.


  • You must comply with all federal, state and local laws regarding firearm transfer and ownership.

  • All firearms must be equipped with a MSP-approved lock. If your firearm does not come with a MSP-approved lock, you may provide your own or purchase one from MD HQL Training.

    • ​If the Firearm is a Handgun made after 1985 is MUST be on the Maryland Handgun Roster.

    • All Handguns made BEFORE December 31, 2002 MUST be sold with a Cable Lock or Trigger Lock.

    • All Handguns made after January 1, 2003 it MUST have a Maryland Approved Internal or External Lock sold with the Firearm 

  • MD HQL Training will only accept firearm shipments from licensed FFL dealers. We will NOT accept firearm shipments from any customers or non-licensed individuals.

  • MD HQL Training will only ship firearms to licensed FFL dealers. We will NOT ship firearms to any customers or non-licensed individuals.

  • MD HQL Training will only ship firearms to licensed FFL dealers after receiving a clearly signed copy of their current FFL.

  • MD HQL Training will only provide a copy of our FFL to licensed FFL dealers. We will NOT provide a copy of our FFL to any customers or non-licensed individuals.

  • Magazine Restrictions: Maryland law prohibits MD HQL Training from selling or transferring any high capacity magazines holding over 10 rounds. Any high capacity magazines included with firearm shipments will be forfeited to MD HQL Training. MD HQL Training is not responsible for providing any refunds or compensation for items that cannot legally be transferred to the buyer.

  • Transfer Cancellation: If you are unable to complete the transfer for any reason (i.e. you fail the background check, you purchase a non-Maryland legal firearm, etc.) you are still responsible for all transfer fees and shipping charges to return the firearm back to the seller/shipping dealer. It is your ultimate responsibility to ensure you are in compliance with all federal, state and local laws that apply to the transfer and ownership of firearms.

  • Failure to Transfer/Abandonment: All firearms will be held for 30-days from date of receipt, unless an extended timeframe is approved by MD HQL Training. After 30-days, you will be assessed a $10.00/day storage fee until the firearm is picked up. Any firearm left uncollected (not transferred) after 90-days will be considered abandoned and will become property of MD HQL Training LLC.  

FFL Transfer Request Process:

  • Whoever you buy your gun from, they are going to need a copy of our FFL in order to ship the gun to us.  Upon your request, we will review the transfer information and upon our approval by us we will send the FFL holder a copy of our FFL license.  Please e-mail us your FFL Transfer Request (our FFL e-mail: and include the following information:

    • ​Dealer / Individual name that firearm was purchased from

    • Dealer / Individual  phone number

    • Dealer / Individual e-mail address

    • Manufacturer / Model of firearm purchased (this will be reviewed by us for approval)

    • Invoice Number (If applicable)

    • Your Name

    • Your Phone Number

  • After we accept your FFL request and we e-mail the seller a copy of our FFL license, they will ship the gun to us for you to pick up.  It is your responsibility to make sure the seller ships out your gun in a timely fashion once they have our FFL license. Be sure to have them include two (2) things with the gun:

    • A copy of their FFL or a copy of their drivers license if not a dealer.

    • Your name and phone number

Firearm Pickup Process:

  • After your gun has been received and processed into our system, we will call you to let you know that the gun is ready for paperwork (Maryland regulated firearm – hand gun) or paperwork and pick up (long guns).​

  • For long gun transfers, you will need a valid Maryland photo ID (drivers license) and will need to fill out a Federal Form 4473 for the background check.  Once your background check is approved, you can pay the transfer fee and take your gun.​

  • For Maryland regulated transfers (hand guns) you will need a valid  Maryland photo ID (drivers license), a Maryland HQL license, will need to fill out a Federal Form 4473 and Maryland regulated firearm paperwork.  Once all your federal and state background checks are approved we will contact you to come back into our store and pay your transfer fee and take your gun.



Outbound Transfers:

  • If you would like to transfer a Maryland legal gun through our shop to another FFL holder, we charge $52.00 per Gun and $26.00 for each additional firearm at the same time, plus shipping and packing materials costs.

  • We look forward to being your choice when it comes to your gun transfer needs.

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